A is for Apple A A Apple (ABC Phonics Song)

A is for Apple is a fun and memorable song that teaches kids about the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. The song mentions each letter using an object, that begins with that letter, also sounding the letter out phonetically.

You don’t always have to stick to the conventional words in the lyrics. Substitute the objects for each letter as you see fit to teach your kids multiple different things.

There are many versions of the ABC Phonics song, such as the two-word phonics song A for Apple, A for Ant which you can also view here!

Lyrics for A is for Apple (ABC Phonics Song)

A is for apple a a apple,
B is for ball b b ball,
C is for cat c c cat,
D is for dog d d dog,
E is for elephant e e elephant,
F is for fish f f fish,
G is for gorilla g g gorilla,
H is for hat h h hat,
I is for igloo i i igloo,
J is for juice j j juice,
K is for kangaroo k k Kangaroo,
L is for lion l l lion,
M is for monkey m m monkey,
N is for no n n no,
O is for octopus o o octopus,
P is for pig p p pig.
Q is for question q q question,
R is for ring r r ring,
S is for sun s s sun,
T is for train t t train.
U is for umbrella u u umbrella,
V is for van v v van,
W is for watch w w watch,
X is for box x x box.
Y is for yellow y y yellow
Z is for zoo z z zoo.

So many things for you to learn about,
So many ways to sing this song
So many things for you to learn about,
So many ways to sing this song!

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