Two Little Dickie Birds Sitting On a Wall Nursery Rhyme – Lyrics, Video, and Printable

Two Little Dickie Birds is a traditional English nursery rhyme that is often sung or recited to young children.

It’s a simple and repetitive rhyme that typically involves hand gestures or movements to accompany the lyrics.

As the rhyme is sung or recited, children often use their hands to represent the two birds sitting on a wall.

They may use their fingers to mimic birds and make them “fly away” and then “come back” as the verse progresses.

The simplicity and repetitive nature of the rhyme make it popular with young children, and it’s often used as a fun way to engage them in singing and storytelling activities.

Like many nursery rhymes, its origins are somewhat obscure, but it has endured through generations as a beloved part of childhood culture.

Lyrics for Two Little Dickie Birds Sitting On a Wall

Two little dicky birds,
Sitting on a wall.
One named Peter,
The other named Paul.
Fly away, Peter,
Fly away, Paul,
Come back, Peter,
Come back, Paul.

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