There Was a Great Big Moose Nursery Rhyme- Lyrics, Video, and Printable

There Was a Great Big Moose is a popular children’s nursery rhyme with a repetitive and cumulative structure. It is often used in group settings or classrooms to engage children in singing and movement activities. The song is known for its playful and humorous lyrics.

Simple hand motions or gestures often accompany the song to make it more engaging for the children. The repetitive nature of the lyrics and the interactive elements make it a favorite in early childhood education settings.

Lyrics for There Was A Great Big Moose

There was a great big moose (repeat)
He liked to drink a lot of juice. (repeat)

Singing oh way oh, (repeat)
Way oh, way oh, way oh, way oh, (repeat)
Way oh, way oh, (repeat)
Way oh, way oh, way oh, way oh, (repeat)

The moose’s name was Fred. (repeat)
He liked to drink his juice in bed. (repeat)
(Repeat) Refrain

He drank his juice with care (repeat)
But he spilled some in his hair. (repeat)
(Repeat) Refrain

Now he’s a sticky moose (repeat)
With a belly full of juice (repeat)
(Repeat) Refrain

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