Ten Little Indians Nursery Rhyme- Lyrics, Video, and Printable

Ten Little Indians, also known by other titles such as “Ten Little Soldiers” or “Ten Little Monkeys,” is a traditional counting rhyme and nursery rhyme. The song has different versions, but it typically involves a countdown from ten to one, with each verse featuring one less of a particular group of individuals.

The most common version of the rhyme is often associated with a group of characters such as “Indians” or “soldiers.” The rhyme has been the subject of controversy due to its historical and racial context.

Various versions of the song have been adapted over time to eliminate potentially offensive language or stereotypes. The theme of counting down and the repetitive structure make it a popular choice for teaching counting to children.

Lyrics for Ten Little Indians

One little, two little,
three little Indians
Four little, five little,
six little Indians
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians
Ten little Indian boys / girls

Okay! Now lets count down!

Ten little, nine little,
eight little Indians
Seven little, six little,
five little Indians
Four little, three little,
two little Indians
One little Indian boy / girl

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