I Want Someone to Buy Me a Pony Nursery Rhyme Lyrics, Video, and Printable

I Want Someone to Buy Me a Pony is a lesser-known nursery rhyme about a child’s fantasy of owning a pony.

In the song, a child describes the pony they want and how they’ll ride it all over the countryside.

Animation picture of a boy thinking about a pony

Lyrics for I Want Someone to Buy Me a Pony

I want someone to buy me a pony,
Jig-jog, jig-jog, jigga-jog-gee.

Not too fat and not too bony,
Jig-jog, jig-jog, jigga-jog-gee.

For I want to go for a ride
All around the countryside,

With a jig-jog, jig-jog, jig-jog,
Jig-jog, jig-jog, jigga-jog-gee.

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