‘A’ You’re Adorable Nursery Rhyme Lyrics with Printable

A You’re Adorable is a type of alphabet song that mentions endearing words starting with the corresponding letters of the alphabet.

Each line of the song’s lyrics starts with a letter followed by an endearment. The song is an exciting option to show love to kids while teaching them the different letters of the alphabet.

Fred Wise and Buddy Kaye wrote and published the song in 1948. Sid Lipman developed the melody.

This song is another simple way to bond with your kids as they learn how to speak.

Lyrics for ‘A’ You’re Adorable

This is the simplest and easiest-to-sing iteration of the song:

A You’re adorable,
B You’re so beautiful,
C You’re a cutie full of charms,
D You’re a darling and
E You’re exciting and
F You’re a feather in my arms.

G You look good to me,
H You’re so heavenly,
I You’re the one I idolise,
J We’re like Jack and Jill,
K You’re so kissable,
L Is the love light in your eyes.

M, N, O, P
I could go on all day,
Q, R, S, T
Alphabetically speaking, you’re okay.

U Made my life complete,
V Means you’re very sweet,
W, X, Y, Z
It’s fun to wander through,
The alphabet with you,
To tell you what you mean to me.

It’s fun to wander through,
The alphabet with you,
To tell you what you mean to me.

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