On A Mountain There Stands a Lady Nursery Rhyme Lyrics, Video, and Printable

On a Moutain, There Stands a Lady is a traditional children’s song.

Like most nursery rhymes, the song has a sketchy history with little-known origins.

That, however, hasn’t stopped parents and kids from singing and enjoying the song.

Lyrics for On a Mountain There Stands a Lady

There stands a lady on the mountain,
Who she is I do not know;
All she wants is gold and silver,
All she wants is a nice young man.
Madam will you walk? Madam will you talk?
Madam will you marry me? NO!

What if I buy you a nice arm chair,
To sit in the garden when you take the air? NO!

What if I buy you a silver spoon,
To feed your baby in the afternoon? NO!

What If I buy you a nice straw hat,
With seven yards of ribbon hanging down the back? YES!

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